10 Methods to Reduce Your Mainframe Software Licensing Fees

What is actually the solitary greatest value you have as a Mainframe supervisor? Software licensing fees – the normal expenses needed to operate computer software, and to get help if it breaks. This post presents 10 ways to bring these fees down to earth.

Check you really require it.
Never chuckle. This appears clear, but it is only also straightforward for computer software that is no longer required to slip by means of the cracks. For illustration, you may have some software program that was at first necessary for CICS apps that have because moved somewhere else.

You might also have computer software certified for all z/OS photos, but only utilised on one.

Examine you actually use it.
As your Mainframe workload alterations in excess of time, it really is only as well straightforward for the use of a computer software product to quietly decline without having Mainframe managers noticing. You might be having to pay countless numbers of dollars for a merchandise that only a pair of men and women are really utilizing.

You need to have to regularly analyse the usage of your software, and routine the removal of any application no lengthier necessary.

Check out you never have two goods performing the very same thing.
You may use all your software, but have two software items doing the exact same or equivalent operate. You want to completely comprehending your application inventory, and specifically how every item is used.

Look into sub-capacity pricing.
Most software program licensing costs are dependent on the dimension of each LPAR operating that computer software – the MSU ranking. You can find this price from the IBM internet site or a system to contact IBM’s IWMQVS services.

A couple of a long time ago IBM introduced another option: Sub-Capability Pricing. This is exactly where your computer software licensing fees are based mostly on your CPU use, not on your LPAR measurement. So computer software running on a lesser-utilised LPAR will be cheaper. It also helps make updates easier to justify as you never get hit by improved software program expenses with the larger processor.

IBM isn’t the only seller giving Sub-Ability Pricing. Other sellers this sort of as BMC and CA are also jumping on the bandwagon.

Reorganise your LPARs.
Several internet sites now run at least a single ‘capped’ LPAR, meaning that the CPU methods obtainable to it are artificially capped utilizing Workload Manager (WLM). Software program that is charged on MSU rating is run in this capped LPAR, minimizing expenses.

End users of Sub-Potential pricing could think about carrying out the reverse: consolidating LPARs. This decreases CPU consumption by lowering the overhead of running a z/OS impression.

Look into related goods.
Assess the price of competing products, and contemplate transferring to cheaper School Bus Fleet Management Software kinds. For example, SAS users might think about the SAS alternative item WPS by Entire world Programming.

It really is accurate that in some instances relocating to distinct merchandise can be really hard and costly. Nonetheless it just isn’t necessarily so, and numerous sellers supply migration equipment to relieve this ache.

Tune your programs.
Tuning your programs reduces CPU utilization (good for Sub-Capability pricing end users), and delays upgrades to greater processors.

Move off the Mainframe.
Mainframe CPU resources are expensive when when compared with other platforms. So it might be well worth considering migrating some of your workload. For case in point:

Software program items this sort of as Tachyon Assembler Workbench and Microfocus Mainframe Categorical allow you to carry out Mainframe application advancement on Windows and UNIX platforms.
Some products such as Websphere Organization Support Bus and CICS Transaction Gateway daemon run on each z/OS and other platforms.

Some workloads may possibly simply be moved to other platforms. SOA and connected providers now can make Mainframe services and knowledge simpler to access from other platforms.

Improve your Mainframe.
For the previous few of zSeries processor generations IBM has been offering a 10% MSU ‘discount’. In other terms, a z10 processor will have an MSU score that is all around ten% reduced than an equal z9 processor. This translates to software license cost financial savings.

Commit in Speciality Processors.
IBM now offers Speciality Processors such as the Built-in Data Processor (zIIP) and Software Assist Processor (zAAP). These special processors are not able to do ‘normal’ operate, but can be offered specific perform by standard Mainframe processors. This can improve the overall performance of Java purposes and other subsystems these kinds of as DB2. But the fascinating edge is that the operate completed by these processors doesn’t rely toward your CPU usage if you use Sub-Potential Pricing.

Numerous new software merchandise are also off-loading perform onto these Speciality Processors, which includes software program from BMC and CA.

It doesn’t consider a rocket scientist to know that applying any of these ten methods is a big task, and demands to be performed regularly. Nevertheless you do have some tools to make this simpler.

Usage Software. IBMs Tivoli License Compliance Supervisor (replacing Isogon SoftAudit for z/OS and Ubiquity Dorana) will instantly record all software put in, who makes use of it, and how typically.
Protection Computer software. Mainframe safety application has amenities that can assist you keep track of application use. For example, enabling RACF system manage to log obtain to distinct packages can tell you who is using a merchandise, and how usually.
IBM. IBM supply a totally free Sub-Capacity planning device to aid you program for Sub Ability licensing.
Application Suppliers. Question them for information about software program products you already have, and choices they could have for your existing software program.

Your Techniques Programmer. You secret weapon in the battle towards software licensing expenses. Methods Programmers put in and customise all your z/OS software, so they typically know what it does, and probably who employs it. They can also setup checking to decide who is utilizing which software and how typically, and will be your scout when searching for option software merchandise and freeware.

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